Don't Let Your Customers See Your Corporate Underpants

Are ours showing? We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for an offer we don’t want you to miss (I promise, my usual article follows - scroll down if you can't wait for the corporate underpants discussion).

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Back to our regularly scheduled program: pearls of wisdom from industry specialists that didn’t make it into our book (ulterior motives? who, me?) …

You’ll recall Tamara Adlin from my last issue– she who was concerned that you let your customers pee when they desperately wanted to. She was also worried you might be losing customers by revealing your corporate underpants. She writes:

Do the browse pages and search pages on your web site look so different that it's clear they are owned by different groups in your company? If so, your corporate underpants are showing.

Customers don't think about shopping as a series of 'pages' or 'features.' They think of the holistic experience. So humor them.

  • Create the holistic experience before you add more features

  • Present an integrated site design

  • Erase all signs of your corporate underpants

The seeming autonomy of corporate branches and the growing complexity of internet relationships makes for a smorgasbord of designs that ultimately can confuse your potential customers. And you don’t really need me to remind you that confused folks are far less likely to take the actions you want them to take.

How often have you been following a navigation path on a site and suddenly found yourself in what appears to be a completely different universe? Makes you feel your connection with the primary business just went dead, doesn’t it.

Trust me on this: your underpants obviously matter to you, but your visitors could care less about them. And your online efforts are only ever about … everyone, in unison … the visitor! Tamara’s advice is essential – you do not want to throw folks off the scent by undermining the confidence and relevance your look/feel communicates. So strengthen your efforts – be at your persuasive best – by covering up those underpants and presenting a polished, coordinated appearance.

1 You can place an international order for this offer (excluding free shipping) from our publisher, Wizard Academy Press.

Volume 109: 4/15/05

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