But We Don't Sell on the Web! At Least 8 Things You Can Learn from Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

The fact that your products or services aren't suited to shopping carts doesn't mean the Web shouldn't be a focus for implementing your business strategies.

In an emerging media and experience-based economy, the Web is the glue that binds a business's multi-channel marketing efforts. Today, the Internet plays a critical role in how customers perceive brand, shape their buying decisions, and evaluate their experiences-even before you've ever sold them anything.

In Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, you will learn:

  • How the customer's buying process works in an emerging media marketplace

  • How well-documented personality traits influence customer behavior online and offline

  • How the various touch-points within a business affect each other

  • How to anticipate the different angles from which customers approach your business

  • How to identify and provide meaningful, personalized answers to your customers' questions

  • How to engage with your customers based on the strengths and shortcomings of a given communications channel

  • How to satisfy the different motivations and emotional needs of your audience

  • How to start implementing Persuasion Architecture™ techniques in your business

With Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, bestselling authors Bryan &Jeffrey Eisenberg introduce Persuasion Architecture as a comprehensive, scalable framework to anticipate constantly evolving customer needs. With Persuasion Architecture, marketers, salespeople, and executives can dynamically manage, adjust, measure and optimize their marketing return on investment, delighting business customers in the process.

By aligning your sales process to your customers' buying processes, Persuasion Architecture makes it possible for businesses to integrate multiple channels of customer touch-points in order to plan success in advance. For years, the Eisenbergs have helped clients achieve staggering conversion rate increases, often by a factor of multiples. By applying their customer-focused methods today, you can radically improve brand affinity, product awareness, and sales.

Volume 135: 7/10/06

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