Call to Action in Action!

happy GrokCale Bergh was definitely minding his own business when he took our advice and buried his nose in Call to Action. Then, book in hand, he took a hard-eyed squint at his under-converting online baby (FormulaZone) and started to perform magic.1

Constrained by a limited budget, Cale identified several critical areas he could easily and inexpensively influence. In a mere nine days, this do-it-yourselfer more than doubled his site's conversion rate!

Talk to the dog

Communicating relevance is essential online - no matter the goals of your site, it must always "speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what matters to the heart of the dog." You do your conversion rate an enormous favor when you identify the core of relevance and value for your audience, then communicate these in engaging and appropriate language.

Cale realized his site needed to serve up a juicy plate of meat, so he rewrote his copy. Climbing into the mindset of his audience, he addressed their heart-felt needs and detailed the benefits (rather than features) of his company's healthy-living program. "You know how great you'll feel when the Zone Diet starts working in just a few days ... And you'll love feeling the certainty that there's no way you'll be 'Giving Up' ... Let us show you how ..."

Clean up the look/feel


A clean, consistent, professional look/feel reinforces the image of your business and is one of the ways through which your audience develops the essential confidence and trust to feel comfortable taking action.

Cale removed many of the site's former design gimmicks, regularized his color scheme and developed a layout template that helped unify the appearance of his site across all pages. His interim results aren't fancy, but they have greatly improved the perceived image of his business.


Design for momentum

The navigation structures you build into your Web site should be your most effective search tool. In general, folks rely on site structure over in-site search  functions to help them qualify their needs.

Cale's site presented a confusing collection of navigational elements that ultimately impeded momentum. He replaced these with a consistent navigation scheme and levels of information that helped visitors quickly answer their buying decision process questions. To help get the ball rolling, Cale also replaced a centrally-located banner with a simple "Free Zone Diet Profile" - three questions that got visitors interacting immediately with the site.

Are you ready?

Every site presents plenty of low-hanging-fruit opportunities to boost conversion rates. And as Cale demonstrates, combining a willingness to level a critical eye at something that obviously isn't working the way you'd like it to with the proven tactics detailed in Call to Action makes it possible, even for do-it-yourselfers, to achieve impressive results.  Best of all, this is only the beginning!

Are you ready to astound yourself?  Words, people and action come together in a one-time-only event:  The Call to Action Seminar.  The Eisen-authors interweave conversion rate marketing principles with incredibly effective solutions and make the information they conveyed in their book come alive before your very eyes.  Nobody does enthusiasm the way they do! 

Be there.  See for yourself.  And walk away transformed.

1 Cale's case study appeared in Catherine Seda's Search Engine Sales E-Zine, Q2 2005.  Thanks, Catherine, for allowing us to present the information here!

Volume 115: 7/15/05

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